Two Brothers on Father’s Day

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Red Snapper on Fire

“We had a fabulous day on the water, the Red Snapper bite was fantastic. If you are looking for some great inshore action, give me a call and let me put you on the fish.”

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Late season and still on fire.

Great Crew and some darn good fishing.

King bite was a little slow in the morning but picked up.

love those Trigger Fish.

We had a great fight to end the day strong with this respectable Barracuda!

It was as usual a fun day on the water.

So if your here visiting and want some serious fun, give me a call and lets tighten some lines together.

Capt. Troy

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Grouper Fun

Fishing was awesome as usual, We started out on some of those elusive Trigger Fish which by the way we could not get away from. Every drop was game on. Then we moved on to Almaco Jack’s,  AJ’s and a nice Grouper. Weather this time of year is fantastic, not to hot. So it makes for a very enjoyable day on the water. We caught fish for everybody.

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Triggers and other Critters

Another great day on the water. The elusive Triggerfish opened for us and we managed to catch a few.

We were fortunate that weather cooperated as we had to dodge a few minor rain showers. The Day turned out beautiful as do most days here in the Panhandle. The fishing was awesome and my Motly crew were certainly up to the challenge. 

Summer is not over so give us a call and lets get you out on the water. The fishing is great as the big Kings are here in force and ready to give you a run for your money.

Tight Lines


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Fathers Day on Fire

Wow! What a couple of days on the water. The fishing was fantastic the day before, during and after Fathers Day. We were wearing them out! Fish are biting on just about any bait we put in front of them. So, if you are thinking about going fishing here in Panama City Florida, come now cause it’s on fire.

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Feels like summer

The last couple of days were beautiful on the water. It was flat, and the fish were hungry. We started out by picking up some hard tails and cigar minnows at the buoys. We then headed offshore and anchored up on a well known spot. We started catching AJ’s on the surface. It was all you could do to get a live bait away from the boat, as the AJ’s were on it almost immediately. They hit artificial’s just as well.

That big king was a nice bonus! Catch and release is fun when the fish cooperate like today. It was more than we had expected and very enjoyable.
After we tired of the AJ’s, we headed inshore and found some floating debris that was loaded with small Mahi-Mahi. Fishing Frenzy is all I can say to describe a hungry school of Mahi. We bottom fished a bit and landed a few White and Vermillion snapper for dinner.
All in all it was a stellar day on the water.
Good Luck and Tight lines
Capt. Troy

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Bait and the Kings they bring!

In Panama City, When the bait arrives in late April the Kingfish are sure to follow. That being said, target the bait that they are after and you will be in for some serious fun. I like to free line several baits off the stern while drifting in an area I know to hold Kings. They will usually take your offering and scream straight away from the boat, but every once in a while you will get a treat; they will hammer your bait and skyrocket out of the water when they come up to catch your bait. This results in some very exciting action that you just got to see to believe. It’s like top water bass Fishing on lilly pads, only better Unfortunately, the rough winds and seas have kept us off the water for the past four days. I expect this weather to continue through Sunday, at the earliest. Definitely looking forward to getting back out there and chasing those smoker Kings starting Monday, bright and early! Good luck and tight lines, Captain Troy.

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Cobia are being caught on the sandbar so if you aren’t actively targeting them then at least make sure you have a cobia rod rigged just in case one cruises by or follows a bait up while bottom fishing. Rig a colorful jig or a fake eel and keep it ready to grab quickly. If you are on anchor, pitch it to him as soon as possible as Cobia are known to take one circle to check you out then move on. If you are on the drift, then make sure at least one person keeps a sharp eye on him and stay with him as someone else gets ready to cast to him. Then Hold on!!
Good luck and lines tight!

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