Feels like summer

The last couple of days were beautiful on the water. It was flat, and the fish were hungry. We started out by picking up some hard tails and cigar minnows at the buoys. We then headed offshore and anchored up on a well known spot. We started catching AJ’s on the surface. It was all you could do to get a live bait away from the boat, as the AJ’s were on it almost immediately. They hit artificial’s just as well.

That big king was a nice bonus! Catch and release is fun when the fish cooperate like today. It was more than we had expected and very enjoyable.
After we tired of the AJ’s, we headed inshore and found some floating debris that was loaded with small Mahi-Mahi. Fishing Frenzy is all I can say to describe a hungry school of Mahi. We bottom fished a bit and landed a few White and Vermillion snapper for dinner.
All in all it was a stellar day on the water.
Good Luck and Tight lines
Capt. Troy

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